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The New Face of Apparel Production in Nigeria

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Who We Are

Heritage Apparels is a textiles and garment factory located in Abeokuta, South-West Nigeria with a mandate to establish a sustainable world-class textiles and garment production facility, servicing the needs of the apparel industry nationally, regionally and globally, whilst showcasing the rich cultural heritage of African textiles, creating employment and contributing to capacity building in the industry.

Our Vision

An indigenous, tech-enabledgarment production facility with a vertically integrated value chain producing textiles, apparel and accessories to international standards. We see ourselves being recognised as the gold standard in apparel manufacturing in Africa and renowned for capacity building in the industry.

Our Key Drivers

  • Achieve sustainable profitability and pre-eminence in our industry.
  • Inspire responsible production and consumption of our planet’s exhaustible resources.
  • Create a work environment that is safe, innovative, stimulating and shows regard for our greatest assets, our people.

Our Non-Negotiables

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Community

Our House Style

  • Motivate
  • Collaborate
  • Challenge
  • Grow
  • Reward

Impact Statement

Decades ago, Nigeria had a flourishing textiles and garment-making industry, providing direct and indirect employment to many Nigerians. At its peak, it was the second highest employer after the government. Today, the industry has dwindled in size and impact and most of the apparel used in Nigeria is imported from overseas.

Heritage Apparels is contributing to the revival of the industry by creating a sustainable world-class textiles and garment production facility at a time when traditional production hubs are shifting as consumers place increased emphasis on service, innovation and sustainability in their sartorial decision-making and global brands seek more socially and environmentally responsible/conscious strategic partners to work with.

Sustainability within the sector has become a topic of global concern. The fashion industry is the second highest polluting industry in the world and generates 20 per. cent of global waste. Our business model prioritizes the SDG framework, for example, providing decent work and contributing to economic growth (SDG8) and our production processes are designed to promote responsible production and consumption and combat waste (SDG 12). Sustainability is a key part of our business ethos. Waste reduction is a key goal for us and we use lean manufacturing processes to achieve this.

We employ young people from our local community, we are providing decent work and contributing to economic growth in the state. 65% of our workers are under the age of 25. 75% of our workers are female.

What We Do

Garment Factory:

Manufacturing high quality (i) utility apparel, predominantly uniforms and protective clothing such as overalls for schools, industrial businesses, corporates, public sector and other organisations; and (ii) fashion apparel for African brands looking to scale from made-to measure into retail operations, as well as overseas brands seeking alternative production bases.

We offer a reliable local manufacturing solution for organisations who require bulk quantities of various kinds of apparel and who would previously either produce overseas or have limited local options for the quality they need.

The key industries / sectors we service include:

  • Schools: uniforms and sportswear
  • Corporates: staff uniforms
  • Hotels & Hospitality: staff uniforms and bed linen
  • Industrial companies: staff uniforms and overalls / coveralls
  • Hospitals & Health sector: staff uniforms and bed linen
  • Public sector: official uniforms

We offer production services with attractive minimum order quantities for fashion apparel to fashion designers aimed at providing a reliable production partner who understands their needs and can help them scale into full-blown retail operations. We work with designers on a CMT basis and produce garments to their specification.

Textiles Design and Production:

We have in-house production facilities to produce African textiles. Our factory is strategically located in Abeokuta, Ogun state in the South-West of Nigeria, the cultural capital of the Adire industry in Nigeria, so our textiles production will start with Adire. Adire is an age-old indigo dye textile indigenous to Egba land, it includes a variety of hand-dyed textiles using various resist-dyeing methods to produce an array of patterned fabric in beautiful tones. Legend has it that Adire textile production is a matter of cultural heritage – it is inherited by virtue of birth and the techniques are passed down to descendants or families involved in the process. Process – tyeing, dyeing, hand painting, hand stitching, starching….

Technical Training:

We offer basic, intermediate and advanced vocational training course in fashion design and related subjects. Explore our course offering and find the perfect course to take you to the next level in your fashion career.

Our training starts with an introductory course on the study of fashion. By the end of this course, you will be able to locate your passion within the spectrum of possible careers within the fashion business.

Our course offering includes:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Garment Construction
  • Textiles and Materials

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+234 817 647 7446

Where To Find Us

Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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